Sexy Saturday – Exercise


Exercise can make a woman feel sexy, strong and able to take over the world.


I’m not big on fitness but once I start a workout I could honestly say I enjoy it very much. From the weights to the sweat.

There are so many benefits to exercising, just to name a few; Heart strength, muscle strength, improves mood, boosts your energy and you may find yourself sleeping better but who here can say after experiencing a good workout they feel sexy?

I was introduced to yoga this past year and I took my first class that a close friend of mines was teaching. One, she is amazing at what she does and Two, I left the class knowing this was something I needed to learn to guide me towards my peaceful state in life.

After that experience, I moved away which then led me to attend a new facility Hot or Not Yoga – this was the place where I decided to continue my yoga journey.


Yesterday was the first day in 2 weeks since I touched my mat. It has been a few busy weeks with work and home. So I thought it was important for me to make the time to end my week right by getting right back unto my mat and I even thought to just meditate.

Finally, when I was able to sit down and begin my mat time, I felt extremely stressed and my body was very much stiff! I decided to begin with meditation followed by stretching and giving thanks. Towards the end, I thought to myself “what a difference it makes when I don’t take the time to focus on myself”. I stood up, looked ahead of me ( as I practice yoga on my porch) I felt at peace, I felt rejuvenated and most of all I felt sexy.


There are so many ways to feel sexy and I can honestly say exercising is one of them. I love the feeling of working out and sweating ( yes, I know nasty) but to me sweating is evidence that I am doing something right with my body.

Also, we can’t forget the boost of energy we spark up at the end of the workout! Once I am finished I am ready to take on any task.


What will you do today to feel sexy?



My darlings I wish you all a Sexy Saturday.


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